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Cisco Security Passport

November 26, 2019

Course was fantastic! The instructor was amazing! She really knew what she was talking about and if she didn’t, she was interested in learning the answer herself. And with that, she either answered the question when she got the answer, or she e-mailed us a link. I took this class last year in NYC with [another high-end training company]. The guy that taught it wasn’t as good (after I took that class, I wasn’t exactly sure how I was going to implement). I told my boss that I would need an outside consultant to come in and help us. But the class was enough to learn the GUI and know my way around. (And I’ve had other [high-end training company] courses, all were great. I learned a lot and still am able to use the same knowledge today.) After THIS class, I feel 95% confident that I can implement on my own. Saving us $5-10k in consultant fees. I’ve already got a test switch and trying to take the time to set up a test environment to make sure I fully understand the concepts. Thank you! 877-797-2799 (US/EMEA) +61-2-8339-3984 (APJC)