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Cisco Passport DataCenter

December 11, 2019

We just concluded the UCS Assessment with George Dundon and Fabricio Grimaldi. I just wanted to take a minute and say both these guys were excellent from start to finish. George’s knowledge of Fiber Channel and his troubleshooting ability was absolutely fantastic. He got us to the true root cause of our storage fabric / UCS outage that occurred in July. He also helped us with other FC issues too.

Fabricio also was top notch with UCS, knowing it backwards and forwards. He reviewed our setup and thankfully our system is in good working order and configured properly, aside from one very minor issue that is barely mentionable. I just wanted you to know and let their managers know they are great engineers/experts and I definitely will put Firefly at the top of my list if we need expert / deep dive situations in the future. Kudos to both of them! 😊 Thanks. 877-797-2799 (US/EMEA) +61-2-8339-3984 (APJC)