Sales Enablement

Firefly’s Sales Enablement training is designed with one simple goal in mind:  To give sales professionals tools that help close deals. Our Sales Enablement practice focuses on tying technology to business outcomes, enabling sales teams to sell on value, not price.

One of the sales enablement tools we offer vendors are customized Firefly Test Drives. These Test Drives are built by our education content creation experts in conjunction with manufacturers and vendors to provide potential business clients a chance to get both hands-on experience and structured education on new technologies offered by the vendor.

These Test Drives function as a highly effective sales tool that lets potential business buyers understand exactly how the technology works and how it can enhance their day to day operations and solve current technological challenges and gaps in their operations. The education portion of the Test Drive also gives potential business clients a great understanding of how they could potentially implement these new technologies into their own operating environment.

If your sales team could use a tool that gives technical decision makers an opportunity to get a comprehensive understanding of the solutions you offer and the benefits it can have for their business, Firefly Test Drives are the way to go.


Firefly’s Sales Enablement training is designed with one simple goal in mind: To give sales professionals tools that help close deals. We do this by following a structured approach:

  1. Engage
  2. Educate
  3. Build confidence 
  4. Create actionable next steps

During 2016, Firefly trained over 6,000 sales professionals on a diverse portfolio of technologies from leading vendors such as:

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