Mentored Services

Mentored Services

When a new technology or product is introduced, the level of technical skills to implement and support are typically scarce. Firefly invented Mentored Services specifically to address this critical New Product Introduction (NPI) hurdle.

Blending hands-on, personalized training with real-time coaching, Firefly’s Mentored Services ensure successful implementation and a knowledgeable team to sustain and manage continued adoption:

  • Partners augment their capabilities with Firefly’s Mentored Services to accelerate expertise and capacity in new technologies while concurrently implementing a customer’s solution.
  • Customers benefit from formal education, mentoring and a successful deployment.
  • Vendors are assured that there is sufficient delivery capacity in the market from day 1

Firefly Mentored Services is a pioneering approach to professional services in which we focus on partner and customer enablement, using a unique blend of product education with hands-on experience to guide customers on the optimal design and implementation strategy.

Firefly instructors deliver industry and technical experience. During a Mentored Services engagement, Firefly applies this experience to address business requirements, technical environment, and constraints, to accelerate the technology migration, deployment or optimization.

Firefly Mentored Services is a knowledge transfer exercise. Throughout the Firefly Mentored Service, Firefly ensures the partner is able to accelerate their capabilities, and the customer is empowered to maintain the solution post-implementation and to continually optimize the technology.



“We had to learn the entire process from scratch and we could not be more pleased with the service provided. It’s gone very very well; we’ve made good progress very quickly and it was very easy to work with the Firefly team. The team was very knowledgeable, helpful and even though there was a time difference between US/UK, there were no delays whatsoever, everything was precisely in time. Progress was rapid and we felt confident with Firefly’s knowledge and their ability to help us with our ambitious project. It made a great difference to our business, we are now delivering services that we wanted to deliver, it is reliable and easy to roll out.
Together with Firefly we’ve implemented 5 sites and are confident we are well equipped to roll out the solution for the remaining 31 of them by March 2020”

Stephen Sanderson
Chief Information Officer from Greenwood

Firefly Mentored Deployment Service for the Greenwood Academies Trust (Case Study)

Recent service provided to Greenwood Academies is a great example of what we can do for all of our customers.

Greenwood Academies is a large multi-academy trust in England, centered around the Nottingham Academy, which was formerly the Greenwood Dale School. There are 34 academies within the trust, educating over 17,000 pupils.

They had a project aligned to move 36 sites to new Cisco SDA and ISE installation, utilizing Cloud Solution, however since product is very new on the market, they’ve experienced an issue finding the right level, in depth experienced support to execute it.

After consulting with the Cisco Representative, they’ve been recommended a few suppliers. After thorough due diligence they have decided to approach Firefly due to its reputation, in depth knowledge and experience in the field to help them with their project.

Firefly engineers were working side by side with Greenwood Academies IT Staff providing installation and training services to support their Cisco SDA and ISE project.

The collaborative effort focused on both the successful deployment for 5 of the 36 of their Sites, as well as providing knowledge transfer to their engineers to complete the deployment at the remaining sites.
Firefly engineers demonstrated to Greenwood Academies a step by step approach for implementing SDA and ISE technologies, both Low Level and High Level Designs including a connection matrix of devices on the network and a custom test plan to address their unique network requirements.
The results are the successful deployment of Cisco SDA and ISE at 5 sites and the engineers trained to complete the remaining 31 sites.

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