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Firefly Optimization Clinic for Cisco UCS (MS-UCS-OC)

Course Description

Organizations that adopt new technologies, architectures, or operational models, often fail to realize the full potential of their investment because they don’t complete the adoption life cycle. The final phase in the life cycle is Optimization. Optimization is when the organization achieves operational excellence by reviewing the original design and the final implementation against current requirements—which have often changed since the original design phase.

The Firefly Optimization Clinic for Cisco UCS is specifically designed to lower the barriers to realizing the full return on your investment in UCS. The Firefly Optimization Clinic is a one-day workshop, conducted remotely, that allows you to begin with a small investment that gives you visibility into an extensive array of potential issues and areas for improvement in your UCS environment.

The Firefly Optimization Clinic leaves control in your hands and empowers your team to provide on-going management and proactive support of the platform. It’s designed to be fast, easy, and affordable.

The course includes a supplement updating it to include all third-generation fabric interconnects and IO modules, as well as UCS manager 3.1. In addition, the supplement further explains API-based system administration with Cisco UCS Powertools and explains LAN/SAN connectivity policies and interface card placement.

How it Works

1. You designate one or more engineers to attend the Clinic.

2. We send you a UCS Power Tools script that gathers information about your UCS configuration. (Don’t worry—we don’t collect any application data or packets!)

3. You send us the output of the scripts for a single UCS domain that you want us to examine.

4. We analyze the scripts before the date of your Clinic.

5. During the Clinic, we will speak directly to your configuration and help you identify areas for improvement. Although this is not a one-on-one service, every customer in the clinic will get personal attention and feedback about their UCS environment.

Who Should Attend

The Firefly Optimization Clinic for Cisco UCS is designed for organizations that have existing Cisco UCS environments, and are considering deploying new applications, expanding existing application footprints, evaluating the benefits of infrastructure upgrades, and/or need to deploy new features with minimal disruption. Server and Virtualization Engineers and Architects will gain the most from the Clinic.

Learning Objectives

  • Verify system health and flag components that are outside of nominal operating conditions
  • Analyze and optimize UCS network connectivity
  • Examine operational practices and consider use of stateless computing to increase application availability and operational agility
  • Assess risk exposure due to outdated firmware and suboptimal configuration

Course Info

Length: 1 day
Format: n/a
Delivery Method: Virtual / Onsite
Max. Capacity: 12