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Firefly Live Passport

February 25, 2021

Firefly has some great offers!

Firefly is running a special promotion for our Live Cisco Passports. Purchase a Live Passport license, and you will receive an additional Digital passport license that can be used by you or a colleague.
Click here to learn more about our digital passport (Essentials or Essentials Plus worth up to $895).
Buying a Firefly Cisco Passport gives you 12 months of unlimited access to all Firefly’s Live Instructor-Led Training Classes and you can pay for it with your Cisco Learning Credits. Classes included in the Passport annual license cover:
Cisco Collaboration
Cisco Data Center
Cisco DevNet
Cisco Enterprise Network
Cisco Security
There is no simpler or more cost-effective way to access all the Cisco Training you and your team need than with a Firefly Cisco Passport. Please contact us to take advantage of these awesome, limited-time deals. 877-797-2799 (US/EMEA) +61-2-8339-3984 (APJC)