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ACI Elite Series – High Impact ACI Training for Engineers

August 1, 2020

We are thrilled to announce the launch of the first in our new revolutionary Elite Series – ACI ELITE.

Our Elite Series blends the best features of live, instructor-led training and self-paced e-learning. We designed ACI Elite for network engineering professionals who are focused on deploying and operating ACI Fabrics.

When you’re trying to absorb a new technology, there’s nothing like spending a few hours with an expert. That’s powerful—and you don’t get that with e-learning. But conventional live training courses usually cover a lot that you don’t need to know right now. That’s a waste of time. With e-learning, you can learn what you need, when you need it—but if you have questions, you’re on your own. What you really want is both: training with an expert, on your schedule.

We designed our Elite Series to give you both. Elite Series courses break down long, multi-day courses into half-day chunks. When you subscribe to a course, you can take any chunk any time we’re running it. We’ll give you a roadmap but you can follow your own path.

The ACI Elite Series is a series of self-contained, 4-hour sessions covering specific topics. We run a different session each week, so you can choose the ones that are apply to you, at a time that works for you.

Enjoy a special introductory promotional price as shown below:


  • Live, instructor-led, virtual training with hands-on lab practice
  • Deep dive into ACI through 10 self-contained, 4-hour sessions
  • Runs weekly, year-round
  • No prior ACI knowledge needed
  • For people that need real-world training on ACI
  • First-class instructors


  • Easy to consume 4-hour chunks
  • Modular – choose the topics you need
  • Driven by real-world scenarios and requirements
  • Delivered by an expert on the topic


You will learn how to:

  • Deploy an ACI fabric from scratch, based on best practices
  • Operate a running ACI fabric
  • Migrate an existing environment to an ACI fabric
  • Integrate an ACI fabric with cloud environments


Attending the series will give you the required knowledge to deploy and operate an ACI fabric

*Guaranteed Dates, No Cancellations*

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