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26 Firefly Instructors Receive Cisco’s 2020 CCSI Instructor Excellence Award

June 23, 2020

California – June 3rd, 2020 – Congratulations to the 26 members of the Firefly instructor team who have been recognized for providing the highest quality of Cisco training — by winning the 2020 Cisco Instructor Excellence Award.
“We are privileged to be working with the most phenomenal instructors in the field,” said David Liebman, Firefly’s CTO.
The 2020 Distinguished Instructor Award recognizes the top 5% of Cisco’s most influential CCSI’s who provide the highest quality training experience and demonstrate the best overall instructor performance across multiple Cisco technologies, as measured by the customer satisfaction survey throughout 2019. Their dedication, effort, and commitment to Cisco is unparalleled. To qualify for this award, CCSIs must have an overall 4.8 customer satisfaction rating, received a minimum of 100 student evaluations and have taught more than three Cisco technologies during 2019.

EMEA: Aliaksandr Shchur
AMER: Elan Beer, Amir Ranjbar and Baba Diao

The 2020 Instructor Excellence Award recognizes the top 25% of elite CCSIs being recognized for delivering top quality training and maintaining high customer satisfaction in their field of expertise throughout 2019. To qualify for this award, CCSIs must have a 4.8 customer satisfaction rating and received the minimum number of evaluations collected in each technology area. The minimum number of evaluations varies based upon the average number of responses collected in each technology.

Firefly’s rich combination of talented instructors, state-of-the-art remote labs and world-class content is why we consistently achieve some of the highest customer satisfaction awards.

We congratulate our winning team:
• Aliaksandr Shchur
• Alexander Hackenberg
• Alex El-Jack
• Amir Ranjbar
• Ayman Gad
• Baba Diao
• Berni Gardner
• Bill Huisman
• Catherine Paquet
• Elan Beer
• Fabricio Grimaldi
• Jan Van Den Berg
• Jason Wyatte
• Joey DeWiele
• Karim Virjee
• Kris Bilbrey
• Kumar Seethapathy
• Line Stone
• Mark Dennis
• Neil Craven
• Nick Glas
• Owen Winn
• Rafik Atef Erian
• Randy Bratton
• Raj Tolani
• Vijay Ar

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