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Firefly Virtual Classroom

March 16, 2020

Given the current travel restrictions, we are committed to offering innovative methods that allow our students to continue their training courses in their own environment.  The Firefly Virtual Classroom is a set of technologies and best practices that enable us to deliver the same interactive learning experience that our students expect from Firefly, to remote participants.


The Firefly Virtual Classroom is live, instructor-led training, using Cisco® Webex Training Center to deliver the classroom directly to your home or office computer.  This allows us to fully support virtual classes for both sales and technical training, allowing participants to ask questions and engage in discussions.  We use remotely accessible labs in all of our technical classes.  Participants will have full access to remote desktop, console, and power management—exactly as the students in our on-site classes have.  Using Webex in conjunction with a digital whiteboard, enables complete agility in training deployment by supporting both on-site and virtual participation simultaneously, in a hybrid-style setting.  Firefly is committed to going green and reducing our carbon footprint, therefore, we provide e-book versions of both the Student and Lab guides, in both our live and virtual classrooms.  Click here to learn more about our Virtual Classroom.


With the current circumstances facing organizations, now is the best time to consider our Passport classes – which are live, online Cisco accredited courses, that accept CLC’s and give 12-months access to courses helping individuals gain new skills or become certified most effectively.  We offer Cisco Passport subscriptions in Data Center, Security, and Enterprise Networking, as well as a 3-in-1 Cisco Passport  which covers; Network Security, Enterprise Network and Data Center Scalability, Management and Operations.  We also offer a Microsoft Cloud & Systems Engineering Passport, a Digital Passport, and ITProTV. Use the links to explore our Passports offerings or contact your Firefly Account Manager to take advantage of this training today.


Don’t let travel restrictions prevent you from furthering your education and obtaining new certifications!


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