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Transform Possibility into Capability with Firefly Passport

September 12, 2019

Discover more with Passport

Firefly’s Technical Education has a distinct engineering heritage. Through our involvement in manufacturer New Product Introduction (NPI) programs, we collaborate with Cisco to develop and launch the first technical education offerings for their products. Our courses drive confidence, ensure successful deployments, and support accreditation plans and certifications.

Passport helps organizations navigate the vast sea of innovative technologies and serves a critical role in their go-to-market strategies. Technical teams attend live, instructor-led courses taught by knowledgeable instructors experienced in new product introduction. We can also work directly with your organization and customize course content to help you meet your business objectives. Navigate new technologies and overcome the challenges of new product introduction with Passport.

Expand Your Digital Future with Passport’s Features & Benefits

Passport is personally tailored training. It’s the only vendor accredited solution with the role-specific training required to operate a fully-functional Cisco Data Center delivered by a Cisco Global Learning Partner of the year. Live courses are guaranteed to run and taught by world-class Firefly instructors who blend formal learning and real-world business scenarios to ensure you hit the ground running.

Vendor Accredited

Our 1st Class courses are all vendor accredited and support only the best attributes of each field of work.

Live/On-Demand Content

Virtual application of core concepts ensures staff feels confident implementing what they learn.

Guaranteed to run

Plan your training around the deployment of your technology or corporate events and project plans.

Accepts CLCs

As a Cisco Learning partner our training is authorized to accept Cisco Learning credits.

1st Class Instructors

Firefly instructors bring expertise in both the technologies they teach and real-world business scenarios to ensure a highly relevant and credible learning experience.

Job Role Specific Content & Events

Firefly has delivered 7,000+ training events specifically designed to accelerate the adoption of technology by technical communities, globally and in over 16 local languages.

Test Drive Options

Drop into one of our many running courses. Check out how it works and the value we provide.

Personal Success Advisors

Our Success Advisors help you maximize the investment you make in Passport; keeping you, your staff and goals on track. 877-797-2799 (US/EMEA) +61-2-8339-3984 (APJC)