Firefly provides IT Certification Training & Online IT Courses.
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Dive deeper into ACI. Click for more info.

Dive deeper into ACI. Click for more info.

Dive deeper into ACI. Click for more info.

IT Certification Training

IT Training and Certification That’s Relevant to Your Business and Application Environment

Firefly equips IT professionals with the knowledge they need to quickly adopt new technologies and maximize new product performance. By partnering with manufacturing leaders in data center networking, network visualization, storage, IT infrastructure, system management and cloud, we’ve been able to develop and deploy flexible live and on-demand education and IT training and certification prep programs designed to accelerate and maximize new technology adoption, integration and performance.

IT Certification Training Time and Knowledge

IT Training Programs

Live or On-Demand IT Training & Certification

Passport puts businesses and IT professionals in control of their technical education and certification prep, allowing employees to take the courses they need to get up to speed on new products and equipment. Our courses drive confidence, ensure successful deployments, and support accreditation plans and certifications, as well as attend our live, instructor-led courses or learn at your own pace with our full catalog of digital, on-demand classes. Sign up today and see how far Passport can take you.


Online IT Courses

IT Certification and Training Tools

Firefly creates and deploys IT education courses that meet the needs of vendors, partners, and end users. We develop training programs that are relevant to your business and application environment by aligning our industry and technical expertise to your business objectives and education requirements. Our award-winning team has executed more than 7,000 training events, and dozens of our instructors have been awarded Cisco’s Instructor Excellence Award for their consistently high customer satisfaction ratings.

Test Drives™ and Sales Enablement

In addition to our education services, we also offer several ancillary services to assist our value-added vendors and technology partners. Some sales enablement services, such as Firefly Test Drives, give prospective new technology buyers and IT decision makers hands-on experience with new platforms as well as education on how they work. Test Drives educate potential buyers on implementation strategies and compelling differentiators that clearly show how these new technologies can solve existing problems targeted businesses may be experiencing with their current technology.

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